About Our Investments

The Chattanooga Renaissance Fund is a compilation of uniquely successful and passionate individuals who blend together to create a productive and engaging atmosphere. This is an environment where precedence is placed on accomplishing tasks, while mirrored with the freedom to actively question or explore connections. We look for individuals who see potential and are intentional when developing their products and/or processes. Those who hold the desire to act as a key figure among emerging funds, while allowing themselves the reality of acquiring the tools to get them there.

Expanding our brand and continuing to serve the Chattanooga area places us in an emerging market, one rife with talented and dedicated individuals who wish to showcase their expertise. We strive to provide strong relationships and a place where excellence, leadership, development, and integrity are the foundation of our client’s experience. We see our daily interactions not as transactions but as a constant refresher of our pursuit to provide the surrounding southern region with a guiding hand.


Your idea has been established, you feel confident this is the direction you want to go, and now you’re looking for a way to execute and round out the details. There is so much potential that can be crafted. The basic groundwork has been planted and we want to help you catapult it.

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Maybe you are not in a place to create a fresh business endeavor, but you want to provide for an existing idea. Here at CRF we construct avenues for individuals or organizations to financially invest in new business ventures. Through your investment, you are able to improve start up companies and provide them with the monetary foundation to make it as a new business.

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Third Parties

Here at CRF we encourage the use of third parties to ensure stability within our clients and their ideas. There is usefulness provided through the involvement of many individuals, and we wish to offer these opportunities to both our clients and those willing to help in this way.

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