Why Chattanooga?
Chattanooga has been called the “Dynamo of Dixie” and has a rich history of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Chattanooga is on a roll with the recent string of billion dollar investments in the area by multi-national companies such as Alstom, Volkswagen, Wacker and Amazon. Coupled with the rich technological environment including the computational Simulation Center at UTC and the EPB powered citywide gigabit fiber network, Chattanooga is poised for growth. Recently, Chattanooga has been spotlighted for the rebirth of its downtown and its community’s attitude toward entrepreneurs and creatives. It has made the long, recorded crawl from being recognized as one of the worst cities in America, to being the toast of influential publications: GOOD Magazine, the New York Times, Outside Magazine, and Men’s Journal.
Why CRF?
Your idea has been established, you feel confident this is the direction you want to go, and now you’re looking for a way to execute and round out the details. We want to offer our guidance and investment in your companies future. There is so much potential that can be crafted. The basic groundwork has been planted and we want to help you catapult it. Each member of CRF brings a level of expertise and experience invaluable to the longevity and growth of the fund.
What's Next?

Are you a start-up?

Chattanooga Renaissance Fund is fully invested and excited to support its portfolio of companies. We appreciate hearing from new entrepreneurs and will do our best to help guide you to others in our network. Please continue to reach out if you are a company that is:
    • located in the Southeast or plan to have an outpost in the Southeast
    • capital-efficient
    • technology-enabled
    • raising a seed or A round that is less than $5M
    • built by visionary leaders that are coachable, responsive, and motivated
Please complete our online application and we can better direct you to other resources that can support your efforts.