About Our Investments

We put a premium on quality within each of our investments. Another is perspective, we look to hold a steady aim at the future, but with the reality of fluctuations as inevitable. We do not place our effort and money in risks or fads, but we select our investments with logical, unclouded judgement. As professionals continue to approach us we step further into our approach, making wise investment endeavors.

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Collider's new 3d printing technology enables businesses to produce industrial plastic parts using materials previously only found in traditional manufacturing environments.

Vendor Registry

Vendor Registry is a local government procurement platform and online marketplace located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The web-based platform simplifies and streamlines the procurement process for local governments and vendors.

Branch Technology

Branch Technology, a graduate of GIGTANK, 3D prints open matrices that provide the internal structure for homes and other buildings. Branch Technology is taking construction into a new era with Cellular Fabrication.


Felt is a personal handwriting app for the modern age. Using an iPad or iPhone, Felt users can select from one of many well-designed cards and handwrite a personal message on the touchscreen. Felt prints, seals, stamps, and sends the cards via the USPS.

TN Stillhouse

TN Stillhouse is a whiskey producer in Chattanooga and the makers of Chattanooga Whiskey. They also operate a micro-distillery as a tourist venue and are creating a macro-distillery for large-scale production.

Aegle Gear

Aegle Gear is a Chattanooga-based healthcare performance apparel brand dedicated to creating exceptional gear that empowers healthcare providers to perform at their best.


GreenPrint is an Atlanta-based company that offers a reduced emission fuel program to the Oil & Gas, Convenience Store & Fleet Industries. Its suite of services helps clients increase consumer goodwill, sales, and profitability.


Alumnify is an alumni engagement platform for the new generation of alumni. Alumnify’s solution allows a school’s graduates to build stronger alumni connections, establish new university communities, and create new job opportunities.


Everly is an all natural drink mix company with distribution in Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, and other grocery outlets. Everly drink mixes are made with simpler natural ingredients, enhanced with nutrient blends for each flavor, and free from calories.


BattleBin is an electronic game sampling company. BattleBin delivers a sampling of new board, miniature, card and video game experiences to subscribers on a monthly basis.

Ambition Solutions

Ambition is a Chattanooga-based software company. Its sales technology platform combines cutting-edge gamification, data analytics and reporting automation, that helps companies drive accountability, transparency, and performance.

Blue Light

With Blue Light, you can immediately share your location with family and friends and connect with the closest emergency responders. Blue Light is your backup wherever you go. Blue Light is a product of Pave Digital.

Rapid RMS

Rapid RMS is a comprehensive, cloud-based iPad point-of-sale system developed exclusively for liquor and convenience stores by a merchant so it’s hassle free, easy to use, inexpensive to operate and completely expandable.


DataFlyte™’s proprietary equipment reads and processes data from AMR-style meters from the air and delivers that data back to the utility company the same day. Today, most utilities spend hundreds of man-hours collecting monthly meter data by car or truck.

XOEye Technologies

XOEye Technologies is empowering the new industrial age. XOEye builds wearable technology systems for solving efficiency problems in the industrial workplace.


ReadyCart is a service and toolkit that enables creators, networks, agencies and commerce platforms to seamlessly generate incremental revenue through curated commerce.


PriceWaiter helps retailers sell more, with a “Name Your Price” button that works on any product page for any website. PriceWaiter engages and converts more shoppers than before by enabling a fast, efficient, private negotiation between buyer and seller.

International Coffee Group

International Coffee Group (ICG) is a diversified coffee provider that sources exclusive, small-lot coffees throughout the world for its portfolio of coffee products that include Moonpie, Fleetwood and Demours brands.

Iron Gaming

Iron Gaming is passionate about gaming. Through its tournaments and new online platform, Rezli, the company enables gamers to increase their fame and social presence.

The Convenience Network

The Convenience Network is a place-based digital media company with high definition video screens and social interactive marketing opportunities that engage millions of consumers inside high volume convenience stores, travel centers, and other retail locat


RecruitTalk is a platform to help student-athletes promote and communicate with college coaches. By organizing student-athlete statistics and achievements into a single-page profile, students are empowered to meaningfully connect with college coaches.


RentStuff was a marketplace that helped users search, find and compare rental items, stores and deals. RentStuff was acquired by RentalCompare in November 2012.

Tensor Surgical

Tensor Surgical develops value-based technologies for orthopedic sports medicine. Tensor Surgical’s technologies offer the greatest value by significantly reducing cost without sacrificing outcomes.

Inova Payroll

Inova Payroll is an innovative payroll service provider that offers outsourced payroll and human resource services. Their innovative approach provides value and high-touch customer services to business owners.

Glenveigh Medical

Glenveigh Medical is a life science and medical technology company focused on advancing the practice of obstetrics. The company’s core mission is to improve the lives of pregnant mothers and their babies.


RootsRated is a media platform that connects users with the best outdoor experiences, hand-picked by local outdoor retailers and their networks of local experts.


Variable, Inc. dreams of a world where a NODE sits in every home, classroom and office across the globe next to a smart device.


Quickcue creates products that enable restaurants to provide amazing service experiences for their guests. Quickcue was acquired by OpenTable in 2013.

Advanced Catheter Therapies

Advanced Catheter Therapies, Inc. (ACT) is a research and development medical device company with a portfolio of innovative catheter technologies targeting vascular disease including thrombosis, inflammation, occlusions and restenosis.


AudiencePoint is a marketing automation tool that monitors, maximizes and predicts usage, interests, and optimum delivery times across social networks and communications platforms.


SupplyHog is the online marketplace to buy and sell building supplies and materials. A tech company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, SupplyHog helps connect manufacturers, distributors, sales reps, and construction professionals to increase sales.